Maria Bonino was a paediatrician from the town of Biella (Italy) who devoted her life to the care of African children. The Maria Bonino Foundation is committed to the development of projects for the protection of maternal and child health of sub-Sahara African countries.

Thanks to donations, and to the precious collaboration of other humanitarian Organisations, from 2006 to date the Maria Bonino Foundation has identified, supported and completed several projects, while many others are ongoing.

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The Foundation

“Here I was able to experience the taste of my work and what I would like is to be here. Here I feel that my days have a meaning”.

Ikonda – Tanzania, 1983


Understand. Find a solution. Never give up.


With us for the health of mothers and children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Let’s continue together Maria Bonino’s dream, let’s fight so that it doesn’t remain just a dream: every contribution, even the smallest, will be useful to carry out the Maria Bonino Foundation’s projects.